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The World's Only Profiler That Never Needs Zeroing (and That Can Never Under-Report FFs)

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D-Meter® Sales Quotation (Both Imperial & Metric Versions)

Price : $8995.00 (includes carrying case, downloading cables & software, charger, manual, delivery)
(Discounts for multiple orders)
Terms : Prepaid by Company Check
Credit Cards
Delivery : 2-4 days via UPS Ground
Re-Calibration : Required annually to maintain warranty. (Annual fee = $295.00)
Warranty : Unlimited (lifetime parts and labor) for units kept in current calibration

To purchase a D-Meter, please call us at (224)699-9000

Or send us an email at for any questions

Let us help you sell your used D-Meters and F-Meters!

If your organization is interested in retiring some of your floor profiling equipment, we might be able to help. Give us a call at (224)699-9000 for details.

Download Installer and User Documentation

Access and download files to utilize with your F-Meter or D-Meter

Click here to familiarize yourself with the F-Meter and D-Meter

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