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To schedule re-calibration or other service for your unit, send an email to or call (224)699-9000

Ship all units requiring service to:
Allen Face & Company
338 Arrowhead Dr
Gilberts, IL 60136


Standard re-calibration fees for units in warranty:

  F-Meter D-Meter
One Year Domestic $395 $295
Two Year International $790 $590

• To remain in warranty, units must be returned for re-calibration by the "Re-Calibrate By:" date displayed when unit is turned on

• Absent obvious abuse, all units in current calibration will be repaired free of charge

• Units delinquent for re-calibration are out of warranty and will only be serviced on a T&M basis after estimate approval

Repair Service

• All units in current calibration are serviced free of charge

• Out of warranty units will only be repaired on a T&M basis after estimate approval


Download Installer and User Documentation

Access and download files to utilize with your F-Meter or D-Meter

Click here to familiarize yourself with the F-Meter and D-Meter

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