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Take your floors to the next level!

Laser controlled Strike-Off Guide Replaces Pipe and Wet Screeds

Screed Rail gives you a huge advantage over the competition:

  • Achieves higher floor levelness than wet screeding
  • Increases floor flatness
  • Tightly controls elevation to design grade
  • Trains your crew to install flatter floors
  • Installs FL 20 to FL 50
  • Eliminates call backs
  • Works with hand straight-edging and all portable screeds
  • Set up in minutes
  • Delivers all the above at the speed and cost of wet-screeding            

Watch the video below to see Screed Rail in action!

Screed Rail Pricing & Delivery Information

Standard 2-Rail Set
   Includes: 2 Rails and 4 Jacks

Optional Float Pan Set
   Includes: 2 Pans and 2 Mounting Brackets





CALL for

Payment Terms


1-2 Weeks
Please make checks payable to:
Laserstrike, LLC
2725 Old Wrightsboro Rd (12-5)
Wilmington, NC 28405



Credit cards accepted - Call (910)763-4501 or email for Ordering Details

Download the Screed Rail Product Information Sheet here (PDF File)

Download the Screed Rail Pricing Details here (PDF File)

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