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D-Meter: The World's Only Profiler That Never Needs Zeroing
(and That can Never Under-Report FFs)
The World's Only Profiler That Never Needs Zeroing
(and That can Never Under-Report FFs)
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D-Meter Walking Floor Profiler

The World’s Only Profiler That Never Needs Zeroing (And That Can Never Under-Report FFs)

Allen Face invented the manual Dipstick in 1983 and the self-recording Dipstick in 1986. In 2003, incorporating all he had learned in the previous 2 decades, he re-engineered it into the D-Meter® – now the state-of-the-art in walking floor profilers. Advanced across the floor by successive rotations about its front foot, D-Meter Walking Profiler can measure up to 1500 linear feet (or 450 meters) per hour.

D-Meter does it all. After data collection, with just 2 clicks, everything you need downloads into an Excel® workbook on your PC or laptop.

Using AF&Co’s rentable profileograph simulation software, D-Meter can now readily measure F-min defined wheel track tolerances on superflat floors. This new capability allows any test lab to measure F-min with its own equipment and personnel – opening a highly profitable market previously reserved to specialty testing firms.

D-Meter Walking Profiler requires no special skills or training to operate. After power up, the operator simply uses the [GO] and [STOP] keys to record the profile runs, each of which can range from 12 to 240 feet (3.6 to 72.0 meters) in length.

D-Meter’s memory will retain up to 99 run records, even if the unit is turned off or loses power. This feature eliminates all concerns about data loss.