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Concrete Floor Technology

D-Meter® Floor Profiler and the Dipstick ®

both invented by Allen Face!


Dipstick® was invented in 1982,
and sells for $9950  

In 1991, Allen Face left Face Construction Technologies. He started his own firms, improved upon his previous efforts, and re-invented the industry standard that he defined:

D-Meter® was invented in 2003,
and sells for $8995  

Allen Face is the author of the F-Number System, inventor of the Dipstick®, and one of the world’s leading authorities on the design, construction, and quality control of concrete floor slabs.

Since leaving Face Construction Technologies Inc in 1991, Allen Face moved on to form his own ventures. Since that time, he invented the D-Meter Walking Floor Profiler and the F-Meter Hi-Speed Rolling Floor Profiler.

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