Floor Profiler Rental Form & Info


Rental Rates & Requirements

This “Equipment Rental Agreement” constitutes the entire agreement between the Lessee and Allen Face and Company, LLC (AF&C)

Rental Rates / Minimum Requirements Equipment
The minimum rental period will be 7 days, and the minimum rental fee will be: F-Meter $525, D-Meter $525 and F-Min Meter $805  plus the appropriate shipping charges (see Shipping Fees below), even if the unit is returned early.

Rental Period
The rental period will be calculated in consecutive calendar days starting with the date that the unit is received by the lessee and ending with the date that the unit is received back by AF&C. For example, the rental period for a unit received by the lessee on June 1 and received back by AF&C on June 9 would be 9 days (i.e. June 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9).

Credit Card Payments
On the date that the rental unit is shipped to the lessee, the Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express credit card will be charged the minimum 7-day rental fee plus the associated shipping fee. Any additional outstanding rental charges incurred thereafter will then be charged in full to the same credit card – either on the last day of each calendar month that the unit remains in the lessee’s possession, or on the day that AF&Co receives the unit back from the lessee, whichever date comes sooner.

Shipping Fees (in addition to time charges)
AF&Co shall use the least expensive shipping method required to ensure delivery of the rental unit by 10:30AM (local time) on the date indicated by the lessee in the Date Needed box. In no case, however, will the shipping fee charged to the lessee be less than $75.00.

Return Shipping Methods
Units will be returned to AF&Co at lessee’s expense using any professional shipping service of lessee’s choosing. On the day the return shipment is made, lessee will notify AF&Co of the return shipment particulars.

Breakdowns – Interruption of Rental Period – Replacements
If the unit should fail to function properly for any reason, then the rental period shall be interrupted as soon as the lessee notifies AF&C of such failure, whereupon AF&C will immediately ship a replacement unit to the lessee for the fastest possible delivery at no charge. The rental period will not resume until the date that the replacement unit is received by the lessee.

AF&C’s Limited Liability
AF&C will assume no liability whatsoever for any malfunction of the rented unit beyond that explicitly set forth herein. In the event that the rented unit fails to function, or yields inaccurate readings, lessee’s sole remedy will be limited to the replacement provisions set forth above, regardless of any consequential damages suffered by the lessee or its clientele.

Valuation of Unit
The rented unit is permanently valued at its full retail price of (D-Meter $8,995) (F-Meter $12,995) (F-Min Meter $19,990)

Lessee’s Responsibilities
Lessee shall employ due care and diligence in using the unit. Lessee shall read the instruction manual in its entirety and shall adhere strictly to all of the provisions set forth therein. Lessee shall be wholly responsible for any damage suffered by the unit beyond normal wear and tear, up to its valuation. Lessee shall be wholly responsible for loss or theft of the unit, at its valuation. Lessee shall be wholly responsible for any legal or other fees incurred by AF&C in securing any amounts owed to AF&C.

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