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Allen Face has been writing articles for the industries informational resource Concrete Construction since 1982. Please visit their website to browse through his articles as well as a trove of other useful information.

For your convenience, we have provided a summary and links to several of his articles here for you as well.

Allen Face

Ensuring Success

Ultimately, success means getting paid on time. If the owner and general contractor are both solvent and reputable (items one and two on the due-diligence checklist), then the flatwork subcontractor’s success will depend most upon the owner’s satisfaction. Unfortunately, the owner’s happiness is often at odds with the floor described

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A House of Cards

ACI 318 excludes it from consideration as part of the structure. ACI 302 and 360 both focus on its utilitarian character. So obvious and pedestrian is its nature that neither American Concrete Institute, Portland Cement Association, Post-Tensioning Institute, Wire Reinforcement Institute, or U.S. Army Corps of Engineers state what constitutes

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A Time Bomb in Floor Tolerances?

Warning: Familiar flatness specifications are dangerous to your company’s health For years contractors regularly produced out-of-spec floors because owners hadn’t really needed their floors to be as flat as they were specifying. Extreme flatness was desirable but for the most part nonessential. Now, however, technology in warehouses and factories has

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