Download Manager

Once you have your F-Meter or D-Meter, you will need to use the Download Manager software – provided free at the link below – to transfer the data from your Meter to your PC. Microsoft Excel is required.

As with any technologically advanced product, you will periodically need software updates to keep your equipment running optimally. We will provide the software you need to ensure many years of unparalled service from your equipment.

Please choose from one of the following options:

Installer Manager

Installer / Download Manager

The Download Manager software is required to download data from your Meter to your PC. Click here to access the installer and more information.

USB to Serial

Sewell SW1301 USB to Serial Adapter

Your equipment comes with this adapter and requires it for use. Follow this link to Sewell's website for details and to access the required drivers. Link will open New Window to Sewell site.