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Conversion of old Non-Downloading Models

Makes your old F-Meter operationally equivalent to a new $12,995 unit

F-Meters manufactured between 1993 and 2002 had volatile memories and no PC interfacing capabilities. When they were turned off, their memories were erased, so the only way to obtain and preserve the results was by transcribing the screen displays. Except for cosmetics, this upgrade converts these old meters in all respects into brand new units.

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Faux Scratch Prevention Spooler -- $79.95

When an F-Meter is pulled across a pristine new slab, the right-side carbide slides leave a slight dust trail. Some owners mistake this trail for a scratch and prefer not to see it. The spooler attaches to the front of the unit and pays out a ribbon of adding machine paper under the right-side wheels to prevent creation of a dust trail.

  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • Stores in original carrying case
  • Uses 2.25″ x 130′ (recommended) or 1.75″ x 120′ paper rolls