Allen Face & Associates

Resume / CV

Education Webb Institute of Naval Architecture
B.S. in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (1970) Glen Cove, New York

Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Company
Newport News, Virginia


Staff Supervisor – Steel Hull Division


General Foreman – Steel Fabrication Department


John J. McMullen Associates
New York City
Project Manager – Santa Ana Shipyards Program


Tidewater Flooring Systems, Inc.
Norfolk, Virginia
Partner / Vice President
Directed field operations for family business specializing in the installation of polymeric concrete floor coatings and toppings


The Face Companies, Inc.
Norfolk, Virginia
Cofounder and Principal
Directed international firm specializing in flat and superflat concrete floor technology.
The Edward W. Face Company provides design consultation, contractor training, and on-site quality control services for close-tolerance concrete floor installations.
Face Construction Technologies manufacturers and markets sophisticated electronic surface profiling equipment and related software. FCT also conducts a national seminar program on state-of-the-art concrete floor design and construction.
Flatcon, Inc. manufactures heavy precision concrete grinding equipment and provides superflat floor remedial services.


Allen Face & Associates
Newport News, Virginia (’92-’99) Wilmington, North Carolina (’99-’15) Gilberts, Illinois (’15- )
Founder and Principal
As the author of the F-Number System, inventor of the Dipstick®, F-Meter®, D-Meter®, and a principal inventor of superflat floor technology, Allen Face is a leading authority on the design and construction of concrete slabs-on-grade, and is considered the world’s pre-eminent authority on floor profile specification and control. AF&A offers a full range of related consultation services including design and specification assistance, contractor training, forensic analysis, expert witness testimony, and the presentation of both public and in-house educational seminars.

1992- Allen Face & Company, L.C.
Newport News, Virginia (’92-’99) Wilmington, North Carolina (’99-’15) Gilberts, Illinois (’15- )
Founder and Principal
AF&Co manufactures and markets the F-Meter® – a sophisticated, yet extremely fast and easy-to-operate downloading rolling profiler – and the D-Meter® – an inexpensive, yet highly reliable and easy-to-operate downloading walking profiler.
2003- Laser Strike, L.L.C.
Wilmington, North Carolina (’04-’15) Gilberts, Illinois (’15- )
Founder and Principal
Laser Strike manufactures and markets the Screed Rail wet screed replacement system. Screed Rail is a fast in-and-out grade form that routinely produces FF-35/FL-25 at the speed and cost of wet screeding.

1976 – Face Differential Floor Profileograph
1979 – Face Floor Profile Numbering System (the F-Number System)*
1982 – Dipstick® Floor Profiler
1989 – JointSaver Permanent Joint Repair System
1993 – F-Meter® (Continuous Rolling FF-Number Tester)
1996 – Slab Sentinel System for Monitoring In-Situ Slab Shrinkage
1998 – JointLiner Permanent Early-Age Joint Filling System
2003 – F-Meter® (Speed-Insensitive, Downloading, Rolling FF/FL Tester)
2005 – ScreedRail® Wet Screed Replacement System
2009 – D-Meter® (Self-Zeroing, Walking FF/FL Tester)
2010 – Curl Number System for Monitoring In-Situ Slab Curling
2010 – DuctilCrete® Layered Slab-on-Ground System
2017 – Heidebed® Slab-on-Ground Topping System
2023 – Fmin-Meter® Rolling Fmin-Number Tester for VNA Lift Truck Aisles

Publications Author of numerous magazine articles and technical reports discussing concrete floor optimization and profile control. Principal contributor to the current ACI-117 (Tolerances), ACI-302 (Floor Construction), and ACI-360 (Slab-on-Grade Design) documents. Author of ASTM Standard E-1155-87 on floor tolerance measurement.

American Concrete Institute(ACI) 1980 – present
Member: Committee 117 – Tolerances
Member: Committee 302 – Floor Construction
Member: Committee 360 – Design of Slabs on Ground

American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) 1983 – present
Past Chairman: E6.21.10 – Floor Profiling
Past Chairman: E6.21.14 – Dynamic F-Numbers


1990 Construction Innovation Forum “Nova Award” for Outstanding Innovation in Floor Profile Measurement Technology
1997 Lifetime Achievement Award – World of Concrete ’97 (Las Vegas, NV)
1997 Fellow of the American Concrete Institute
2013 Honorary Member of the American Concrete Institute (ACI’s Highest Honor)

*Formalized in ASTM E-1155 & E-1155M and adopted by ACI as the national standard for specifying finished floor flatness and levelness tolerances